Getting Started with the .NET Client Library

Follow step-by-step instructions for how to begin with the .NET client library in order to get started and let you start working with code.

1. First Open Visual Studio and go to File    New    Project

add new project

2. Then a dialog will be opened as shown below.
Now select your favorite .Net code language C# or VB.Net(Visual Basic) and select "Web Site".
After selecting website select "ASP.NET Empty Web Site" and finally click "OK" button to create an empty project for you to get started.

choose website

3. From your project solution, Right-click on "Bin" folder and select "Add Reference".

choose bin folder

Now a reference dialog will be shown as below. From this dialog go to "Browse" and select "Browse" button.

add reference to dll file

Now navigate to the file which you have downloaded from your dashboard and click "Add".

navigate to dll file

6. That's it ! Now you can see a reference of "unitepdf.dll" in your project and now you're ready to go for implementing the code.

select downloaded dll file and refer it to your project

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